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Liberty Injury Lawyers is a personal injury law firm located in the heart of Orange County and serving the entire State of California. We are dedicated to our craft and focus exclusively on personal injury cases. This gives us the expertise and advantage needed to get you maximum compensation for their injuries. Results come naturally when you love what you do. That is why we are California's premier personal injury law firm and have a 99% success rate in our cases.

We take the time to listen to you and understand your story so that we can can fight for what you deserve. We care about the details of your injury and how it has impacted your life. Our tailored approach to every case truly sets us apart from the competition. We ask the questions other lawyers don't. Our unique knowledge of personal injury law and niche insight into insurance company operations allows us to dedicate our resources efficiently and effectively to achieve optimal results for our clients. We ensure that your injuries are treated by the best medical professionals in California. Our exclusive access to a network of world-renowned doctors and medical providers sets us apart from your average radio jingle law firm. We make sure to understand your injuries and how they've impacted your life so that you are paid top dollar for your injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages.  

Why Choose Liberty Injury Lawyers?

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius 

Liberty Injury Lawyers was founded on the principle that there must be a passion and purpose behind everything you do in life. Fighting for you is more than just our "job." It is our privilege! That is why we promise to handle every case with a tailored approach. Our founding attorneys instilled this mantra in the DNA and culture of our firm. We guarantee that you will never be treated as just another case number. Every member of our team is extensively trained to provide clients with the excellent service and legal representation they deserve. This means that you will always be kept up to date on your case and have direct access to your lawyer. We take pride in treating our team well so that they come to work every day with a passion to serve our clients. The reason is simple: there would be no us without you!  

We understand that the legal process is extremely intimidating and designed to afford justice only to those with enough financial resources to navigate the legal system. In fact, insurance companies spend billions of dollars annually on lawyers and lobbyists to make it harder for you to get the compensation you deserve. They see you as just another case that they hope will go away with as little money as possible. We are here to even the playing field. The insurance companies have teams of lawyers, so why shouldn't you? We understand that being involved in a car accident or other personal injury matter is extremely stressful and impacts every waking minute of your life, not to mention unnecessarily strains your loved ones. As if it wasn't bad enough that a careless driver slammed into your car and put you and your family's lives at risk, now the insurance company wants to pay you less than what you deserve for your injuries. At Liberty Injury Lawyers, we understand the pain and frustration that comes from dealing with insurance companies after an accident or personal injury. That is why we are proud to stand up for your rights against bullies and insurance companies who only care about their profits instead of your health and well being. 

We have witnessed this vicious cycle firsthand. Make no mistake about it, the insurance company is not "on your side." Their claims adjusters are professionally trained to devalue your personal injury claim by as much as they can get away with. Everyone believes that insurance companies will protect them in their time of need. After all, isn't that what they tell you in the TV commercials?. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth because insurance companies operate on a business model that requires them to take in more money in premiums than they pay out in claims. If they paid everyone maximum compensation for their injuries they would go bankrupt.  

When you make an injury claim, the insurance company will consume you with burdensome hoops to jump through just to prove your injury, and when you comply with their requests, they will offer you their "best" offer that barely covers your medical bills (if you're lucky). To add insult to injury, insurance companies often call you a liar and try to discredit you to devalue your claim. 

After growing tired of witnessing "Goliath" insurance companies continuously take advantage of innocent injury victims, we decided to take a stand against them. That is why we fight for you. We don't take no for an answer. We make them hear your voice. Let us handle your personal injury claim and tell your story. Together, we can make the insurance companies pay you maximum compensation for your injuries! 


Our team of personal injury lawyers is committed to answering your questions about your personal injury case. We offer free in person and virtual consultations. Contact us today to find out how much your personal injury case is worth. You Don't Pay Until You Get Paid!